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My name is Natalie Noryd, and I am a Sommelier based in Copenhagen, Denmark, where I specialize in wine tastings and direct wine sales to corporate and private clients. It is my utmost pleasure to welcome you to our wine shop where we proudly present an exciting selection of quality wines handpicked from family-owned, small to medium-sized wineries that pride themselves in having a green attitude towards viticulture and winemaking.

We also want to welcome you to visit our physical wine shop and wine bar at the beautiful Nordic design showroom EDDA Studio, located in the exciting up-and-coming "Århusgadekvarteret" in Nordhavn area of Copenhagen.


I originally hail from Jönköping in Sweden and moved to Copenhagen in Denmark to pursue a career as a professional contemporary dancer, attending The Danish National School of Performing Arts. After several years as a professional dancer, I got attracted to the wonderful world of wine and have since not looked back. My background within the arts has availed me a certain approach to wine and wine tasting which is that it is above all a sensory experience. It is also about the story behind the coming to be of the wine and the talented, visionary people who make it all happen, and whom I believe are true artists.


My main focus as a Sommelier is to make wine as accessible as possible to all, whether you are a beginner or an experienced connoisseur. My approach is always from a sensual perspective and I bring the experience that I have had through my years as a sommelier to the selection process, where I have discovered to my joy that responsible and sustainable production of wine contributes a great deal to the sensual experience that wine avails.


The wineries we work with are proud to create wine with great respect for the environment, climate, nature and biodiversity, and thus our selection is all either sustainable, organic, biodynamic and in a few cases low-intervention/natural wines. The wines are authentic with great personalities and a true sense of place/terroir, and are all of a high quality, regardless of price tag. Most important factor when selecting wine, is above all of course the taste. At The Great Wine Experience Shop, you will always find here a selection of delicious, well-balanced wines, with a fascinating sensory experience and true joy in each glass.


Selecting just the right wine can at times be daunting. Fear not as I am here to make it easy for you! You are always welcome to contact me at natalie@tgwe.dk or call me on +4550128381 and I will be more than happy to assist you in selecting just the right wine for any occasion and/or food pairing.


You can also take part in our open wine tastings in Copenhagen, or book me for a private or corporate wine tasting, where it will be my pleasure to take you on a sensual journey into the wonderful world of wine. See our bespoke wine tastings here

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The Great Wine Experience is run by me and my Photographer and Graphic Designer partner Wilfred Gachau who is responsible for all the photography and Graphic work on the shop and wine video blog.


Happy shopping and I can always be reached on:

Email: natalie@tgwe.dk

Tel.: +4550128381

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