Great wines are like works of art, just like poems morphing into symphonies, paintings and sculptures. This is the case with Piera 1899 Composizione di Rosso, which is a limited-edition wine and the top wine of the Piera 1899 Estate in Friuli. This full-bodied yet elegant wine is an uncompromising wine born from a "composition" of three varieties, which bring together the elegance of Merlot dried on racks and the personality of Cabernet Sauvignon, combined with the more robust Pignolo. The long stay in small French and American oak barrels enhances its complexity giving it a full and sensual taste. You will find black berries, dark plum, cinnamon, vanilla and cedar wood as well as mineral, earthy notes. It is in fact a wine to be touched, like its label which paints its synthesis by subtraction, renouncing colors to enhance its subtle preciousness, made up of elegant scents and aromas that follow each other harmoniously like arabesques. Once opened, the wine will develop its flavors over time and it is a wonderful journey to experience. After an hour of decanting it really shows its true colors and complexity. Composizione di Rosso has potential of ageing for 20 years or more. A wine for special occasions, or when you just want to pour an excellent glass of wine.

Selezione di Piera is the premium series of the Piera 1899 Estate, and the wines are specially selected by Piera Martellozzo, one the few female vineyard owners in the world. The series consists of three wines, Onedis, Milo and Tabbor, and are created to span a whole dinner, from aperitif to the main course. Piera 1899 is passionate about being environmentally sustainable and respectful of nature throughout every process from wine growing, vinification to packaging.

Piera 1899 Composizione di Rosso 2012

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  • Type of wine: Red wine
    Style: Deep and complex
    Winery: Piera 1899
    Country: Italy
    Region: Friuli Venezia-Giulia
    Grapes: 50% Merlot, 35% Cabernet Sauvignon, 15% Pignolo
    Serving: 18 ° C
    Pairings: Sublime with red meats, heavy sauces, roasts and aged cheese. So smooth, structured and aromatic, this wine can also be drunk on its own for pleasure and meditation.
    Size: 75 cl
    Alcohol: 14%
    Winemaking: Merlot grapes are naturally dried for 60/ 70 days, until December. Fermentation on the skins lasts for 22 days combined with fulling and manual pump over twice a day for Cabernet Sauvignon and Merlot. Malolactic fermentation occurs in stainless steel until at a controlled temperature of 18°- 24°C. The Cabernet Sauvignon and the Merlot rest in barriques of French oak, Allier and Never, for 18 months. The Pignolo rests in American barriques for 24 months. About 70 % of the oak is new. After the blend, the aging continues in bottles for 12 months before release.
    Green profile: Sustainable

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